Friday, February 13, 2015

मैं दिल्‍ली हूँ

मैं दिल्‍ली हूँ, भारत का दिल हूँ
मुग़लिया सल्तनत की दुलारी थी
मैं अँग्रेज़ों की प्यारी थी
शासक मुझ पर भंवरों की तरह डोलते
मेरी चमक में अपने अहं को घोलते
आज भी एक मतवाला आया है
अपनी किस्मत आज़माने आया है
पर ये परवाना अनोखा है
या मेरी आँखों का धोका है
मैंने बहुत झोंके देखे हैं
हर झोंका उम्मीद लाता है
मगर खुद की चाल में बहक जाता है
इस बयार की खुशबू कुछ जुदा है
या ये मेरी ढलती उम्मीदों का नतीजा है

(For unprecedented victory of AAP in Delhi assembly elections 2015. I wish to look back to these lines with a sense of happiness forever. Rest the future is the history of the future.)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Delhi ka Dangal - Elections in Delhi

Delhi is set for election again. The lines are drawn and it's going to be an interesting elections in many respect. This is an election which will tell if Modi lahar is intact and going strong. The state elections till now, where BJP is able to sweep comfortably, did not have a formidable opposition or the states had multiple oppositions. Multiple oppositions led to split of votes. Congress is at its low point in the history and it seems they have accepted defeat as their current trend.

In Delhi, the battle lines are drawn mostly between AAP and BJP. The war is made as Kejriwal vs Modi. PM Modi also seems to be aware of this fact as he could not resist himself from launching a scathing attack on Arvind Kejriwal. This election is crucial for AAP. If AAP is not able to win significant number of seats, atleast in the range of 20+, it will be difficult for the leadership to keep the party intact. BJP on the other hand would want to win this election, as the win in this election will ensure that there will be no formidable opposition for a long time to come. No politicians wants opposition. Congress did everything to decimate opposition in its history and BJP seems to be on the same path.

The casualty of the turn of events is unfortunately Congress. Unfortunately because it's such an historic organization and has been an integral part of history. Congress is at the verge of becoming insignificant, if it does not gets its act together very soon. The biggest problem for Congress is the inability to put up a decisive leadership at forefront, and which can make the ground workers to rally around them. A frustrated and dejected ground level worker is a bad sign for any organization.

Coming back to BJP vs AAP or to put in better terms, Modi vs Kejriwal. Last two years of Indian politics is the story of rise of Modi and Kejriwal, in their own ways. And both has made significant impact on the political situation of country. Both have changed the game of politics in their own way. The emphasis of good governance can be attributed to both of them and it's a welcome change for Indian political scenario. The country which never could rise beyond politics of caste and religion, emphasis on good governance is a much needed changed. It's not that the politics of caste and religion had gone away but the good thing is good governance also making it's place in the list of things.

Next decade is going to be a defining decade for Indian politics. It's the emergence of new kind of political forces in country. It might be the decade of Congress becoming insignificant.  Let's hope whatever happens, it's good for country. We need a vibrant issue based political atmosphere. We need strong governments and we need strong oppositions. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to find SAR value of Mobile

How to know the SAR of a mobile? It's very easy. Just go to your phone dial pad and dial *#07# and the phone will display the SAR value. If this does not works, then you might want to check with the documentation of your mobile.

What is SAR? SAR stands for Specific absorption rate. It reflects the radiation from a phone. When I dial the above number on my Micromax phone, I get the following.

  • 0.424 W/Kg @ 1g(Head)
  • 0.453 W/Kg @ 1g(Body)
The value means the amount of energy absorbed by 1 g tissue. The SAR value mentioned is usually the highest SAR value. In case of good reception, mobiles reduce their power and hence results in low SAR value,

Cell phone Battery Discharges Too Fast?

Most of us struggle with cell phones discharging too fast. And we download many battery saving applications to make the cell phone batteries to last longer. However taking care of some of the small things can help your battery to last much much longer for a given charge.There are many many things you can do to micro manage your battery but I will just go over the important one's to save the cell phone battery from discharging faster.
  • Display brightness: Put the display brightness to lowest level that is required. A bright display takes a lot of battery horsepower. You can usually tweak the display brightness from the settings menu of your phone. Another things you can do is to set the time outs to let the screen

Saturday, January 3, 2015

पानी पूरी का ठेला

पानी पूरी का ठेला, सड़क किनारे सजेला
कड़क पूरी, इमली का पानी, अलबेला छोला
धूप हो या छाव, बारिश हो या सूखा
खिलाओ सबको, पेट रहे चाहे भूखा
एक पूरी, दो दाने छोले के, थोड़ा पानी
नहीं पूरे बाज़ार में इस स्वाद का सानी
दो मासूम एक बीबी और बहुत सपने
आशा में देते हैं हर पूरी को चटकने
हर दिन एक ऩफा नुकसान है
ऩफा तो भोजन नुकसान तो भजन

हाथों में सरिया, ज़बान में कोई उपरवाला
एक चॅटकन में निकाल दिया ठेले का नीवाला
पढ़ डाली सारी धार्मिक किताबें मैने
नहीं मिला कोई दूर्बल को मारनेवाला उपरवाला
पथर से तोड़ डाला पूरियों का नीवाला
किसी ऐतहासिक शूरवीर के छद्म वेश वाला
उस शूरवीर के जीवन को गुन डाला
नहीं मिला निर्बल को परेशान करने वाला

मै एक सीधा साधा ठेलेवाला
मुझे नहीं मालूम कौन उपरवाला
मुझे नहीं मालूम कौन बलवाला
दो मासूमों की भूख का बस मै रखवाला

Friday, January 2, 2015

Privacy Policy and Ad Networks

Google Adsense and many ad networks generally require a privacy policy to be posted. 

The main theme of privacy policy is to make the visitor aware of the fact that the servers hosting web page captures information about user. The ad networks use cookies to store information about visitors. It also will keep track of the user preferences. The content might be customized based on user browser media type. A sample privacy policy of this web site can be seen at the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of this page.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Niti Aayog - A Right Step

Modi government has scraped planning commission and had replaced it with Niti Aayog. Niti stands for National Institution for Transforming India. The one aspect of Niti Aayog, which I felt is very important and was always lacking in the old planning commission, is the emphasis on the federal structure of the country. 

The central ministry acts as an executive team for national level. It is effective in dealing with issues pertaining to national importance. However the issues at country level can be effectively dealt by the