Wednesday, March 8, 2017

चलो फिर एक शहर बनाएँ

चलो फिर एक शहर बनाएँ

जहाँ इंसान रहते हैं

धर्म जाती से उपर उठकर

बस ज़मीन और आसमान रहते हैं

तू भी जिन्दा मैं भी जिन्दा

तू भी मुर्दा मैं भी मुर्दा

बस जीवन के दो शाश्वत पहलू

बाकी सब परतों को उतार गिराएँ

जब उठे आग और धुआँ कहीं दूर

तो एक शकून हो की बस

भूखे इंसान की भूख मिटने वाली है

ना की किसी के अरमान जल रहे

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pineapple vs Coconut

The politics knows no boundaries. There is an old saying that "Where Sun can't reach, poets can". This however has become more relevant and all the wrong way with the modern day politicians. One politician says something about pineapple juice and other one presumable overhearing it wrongly, starts talking as if the first one has talked about coconut. Names are not important in this debate. Exchange the individuals, or replace them randomly with any other political characters, the result will be same. Sometime back one of them raked donkey and the whole world followed that like a donkey. And when I say "Followed that like a donkey", I want to be clear that it's the notion of donkey as in human's mind and nothing to do with actual donkey. They are one of the most harmless animals and have been helping human race in carrying their chores. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

शहरों की जिंदगी

शहरों के मकान इधर शुरू उधर ख़त्म 
उन चार दीवारों में गुम सी जिंदगी
हँसी जो होठों में सिमट जाती है
आँसू जो आखों में सूख जाते हैं

सपनों का राजकुमार फँस जाता है
मच्छरों को रोकने की ज़ालियों में
बुलंद जरूर है मेरी रहवाशी मंज़िल
मगर सपनों तक नहीं पहुँच पाती

एक ख्वाब था मेरा शहर जीतने का
आजकल हर हार मैं जीत ढूंड लेता हूँ
या फिर भ्रम पैदा कर लेता हूँ
की मैं आज भी जिंदा रहता हूँ

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The data driven world

We all talk about data now a days. Big data, large data, humongous amount of data. Data is encompassing all of us in myriad ways. Also it's not just about data being created but data being shared among multiple parties who see an interest in it. Couple of weeks back I met someone in a marriage and we exchanged numbers. Next day he started showing up in my recommendation list in Facebook. I don't have Facebook installed on my mobile, but still the connection happened. Google
and Facebook has mapped everyone in their ecosystem that they know more than about you, than you might be knowing about yourself. Don't be surprised if travel agencies start sending you mails in March for deals as everyone in the world knows that you take a vacation in May and book your travel plans in April.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Let me drive long roads

Let me drive long roads
Reach to horizon and beyond
Touch the sky, where it meets eyes
Climb the mountains and deep dive

Let me drive long roads

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Once one of my friend told me about USA that it's a country run by lawyers. India has still not reached to that state but slowly moving towards it. There is an effort to regulate everything in society. Regulations either enforced by law or in the name of culture. I do understand the need of regulating to an extent as humans are selfish and because of their ability to think in bad ways, they can harm others. But is there a boundary line about how much regulation is good. The people not in power wants very less controls and those in power want complete control. Run the society completely governed by laws and by-laws.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Being in USA for a week trip, I could feel the intensity of emotions with Trump elected as President. See Fox news and you can believe that everything is going to be great, the American dream is going to be realized. America will be a self asserting country, which has been undermined lately. Switch the CNN and you can feel as the world is going down. This is the most unheard of the catastrophy that the world is going to face.

I was wondering where the truth lies? And for sure, truth is never extreme on either sides. It always has a shade of gray but we conveniently make it black and white as it is easier to get comfortable with our inner inclinations. How Trump regime will unfold, is a question which we can only answer in future. Yes, he is not one of those run of the mill president. He has his own set of controversies and some of them not of something which can be ignored. But at the end of the day, he is elected by America to lead the country. This fact cannot be denied.