Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stanford Prison Experiment : An inquiry into Human Behavior.

Stanford prison experiment was conducted by Prof. Zimbardo in Stanford Univeristy in 1971. The experiment was done to find out how one behaves if someone is put in the context of a different role. Is it our personality trait which governs the behavior all the time or do we get impacted by the context and circumstances. 

The experiment was conducted by simulating a prison situation and dividing a group of people randomly in the role of prisoners and guards. Prisoners had to stay in the prison for 24 hours and the guards were rotated in shifts. The experiment was supposed to run for 2 weeks but was terminated in 1 week itself as the prison turned out to be behaving like an actual prison. Guards started behaving

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pageviews difference in Blogger, Analytics and Adsense

If you have a blogspot  or blogger account and you have enabled Google analytics and adsense, one common confusion is the difference in page views. Usually blogspot account shows page views way higher than analytics and adsense account. For example if I take a representative statistics, it's as follows:

  • Page views in Blogger : 907
  • Page views in Analytics : 267
  • Page views in Adsense : 203
You might see different numbers but the general pattern is 

Page views of Blogger > Page views of analytics > Page views of Adsense.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bots in Web

Bots stand for robots and in the web these are applications which traverse the web. Search engine do employ bots to crawl the web pages and build the search index. Google spiders are a kind of bots, which crawls the pages and build the index against keywords. If you want to see how spider bots crawls a page  do the following:
  • Go to Google webmaster tool.
  • In the Crawl menu on left hand side and click on 'Fetch as Google'
  • Now if you click on the link displayed in the table under column 'Path', you can see the page as seen by Google bot.
What you would see is basically a HTML page and that's the Google spider sees. It then parses that page and tries to make a judgement about the content of the page. Based on the content it associates

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Problem Solving

Problem solving is an important skill.We face problems on daily basis and we need to solve them consistently. You solve one problem and other problem usually appears on the horizon. I am not using the term problem in a negative sense. There is a problem at hand to solve when we desire to change the existing state of situation to a new state. A problem is a gap between what is currently there to what we desire it should be. Solving is the process or action that helps in changing the state from current to desired. 

At a given point of time, everyone usually deals with multiple kinds of  problems. Before we can venture into problem solving, it's important to define the problem and understand the exact nature of

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Core Beliefs

What is a core belief ? In simple terms, it's the belief that makes your core. It's a self impression that decides your action and reaction. How the world views you, may not be same and usually it's not the same. Core belief is a self impression about one's self. At some level it boils down to specifics in terms of, if you think you are beautiful or ugly, stupid or intelligent. There are many more attributes about yourself for which you will be carrying the impression. Again a word of caution, the impression may be far from reality but these self impressions get wired in us. They are wired as part of our upbringing.

We are a result of our thought process. The way we think, we tend to become that. In fact, we push ourselves in the direction of the thought process. If I think I am intelligent, I will try to solve something with full of my energy. As I think I am intelligent, I will focus on getting the solution. With that focus itself half of the battle is won. If I think I am stupid, in the face of a problem, I will

Friday, September 12, 2014

Buying a Smartphone - Part 2

Operating System

The other important consideration about buying smart phone is about the operating system. In simple terms if you want to buy Apple, Android, Windows or other operating system. Here the world is quite divided fanatically about their choices. I would not try to defend on or other. I have my choices but that's for me. However to choose an OS couple of things you might want to look around
  • I think the most important criteria is how tech savvy you are in terms of understanding the feature and intricacies of a particular operating system, then I would let you go with your choice. If you are not one of them and find it a struggle to deal with a new kind of device and do not have the patience to go through the complicated technical documents then stick

Buying a Smartphone - Part 1

Buying anything which has a lot of choices and the details are buried under multiple technical jargon's is a difficult proposition. It becomes more difficult with the number of choices in market. The world is though ruled by couple of big names but there are many small players who either offer very good quality or features packed at attractive prices. And then there are many sites whose sole job is to compare the different features. What we will do here is to demystify the various elements of a smartphone to make sense of them.

Display size

Display size tells about how big or small is the screen. Display size is usually given in inches and there is a single number and not length and breadth as we are used to when we look into an area. The