Wednesday, July 15, 2020

How many colours one need to colour a map?

How many colors you need to color a map, say of India? India has 28 states and 8 union territories. It might seem that we will need a good number of colours to colour the map of India so that the adjacent states and union territories do not get the same colour. However, that's not the case.

We just need a small set of colors to achieve this. This was found by Francis Guthrie when he was trying to color the map of the countries of England. That might England was ruling a large part of the world a well.

Interesting? Watch the video to know about it

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Split wide open

Covid19 is turning out to be a Samudra Manthan of human society. It is surfacing both deep-rooted poison and elixir of life. It is evaluating the deep-rooted notions and questioning the structures and formations. If it is surfacing a lot of good and human side of life it is also exposing the deep-rooted faults of the society. All around the world, one thing is very clear. It makes a difference in life and death if one is rich. The first to sacrifice are the poor be it in terms of access to food or healthcare. The same poor are put in full force to serve the rich however at the first moment when they become incapacitated, they are thrown like a fly on milk.

We have seen how the rich are ferried all over the world. It is true in every part of the world. Everything was pressed into service to get them safely to their homes. However the poor are left to their own destinies. It's true that governments are feeding them but there is more who are falling out of the circle. They don't even exist in the scheme of things. There are people who are going the extra mile to help them out and salute to them. But at some point, everyone will start straining. 

Friday, April 17, 2020

Life is so random

Life is so random and we are seeing the full-blown randomness with the coronavirus. We all have at a personal level seen randomness in our life, both positive and negative type. However, what is happening to the world right now is beyond any level that anyone of us would have imagined. The moments are also though allowing us to see life in different ways, ruminate over things in different dimensions. Many of us are probably calibrating themselves and evaluating the pattern of life. Why we were living the way we used to live? Is that the only way of living? 

Life in itself is a very interesting concept. Look at the animals' life or even the life of a tree. All of them apart from human born and die and do a certain set of things, which are well defined to a large extent. Sometimes just watch a cat or dog and read their eyes. So emotionless yet so deep. Either they know nothing or they know everything about the world. 

Corona has made the human race to take a step back and has forced to think about things that they were considering as the absolute truths. A car, a house, an exotic vacation, the best school for kids. We were engrossed completely in those thought processes. But suddenly the only most important thing is to survive and have a good square meal. Unfortunately, many on the low strata of societies, the calamity has exposed them to the fault lines of human social and economic structure. The people who were inconsequential. The news channel who would be filled with entertainment stars is replaced by the faceless folks. It even is raising the question if the current model of economics is the right one. What is the use of such a model which puts the major part of the population over the fault line? 

But will w change? I doubt as the people bearing the burnt are anyway inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. We might see complete lower strata dead, yes human death, That is where the virus is hitting hard also. Malnourished, having a low nutrition system and hardly any access to healthcare we are going to lose many of the folks. A lot of other folks will do the journey from the middle class to the lower class. 

This is a time to step back as a human race and understand what we are up to. A couple of months the race was talking about conquering the galaxy and here now we are fighting for survival. 

Coronavirus - Where the world will head?

It is not the world has not seen the pandemics in the past. There are many variations of SARS including the current COVID19 in recent past also. There is a history of Spanish flu that went contagious all over the world and is the one to which the parallel is being drawn with the current Covid19 pandemic. Spanish flu has a devastating effect all over the world. It infected about 500 million people in the world, one-fourth of the population of the world. A rough estimate is that around 50 million died. The flu came at the fag end of world war one and was carried all over the world by soldiers going back to their respective countries. This time it's no different as Wuhan is a big economic hub in China and the virus is taken back by all the visitors. The difference is in Spanish flu people returned back by ships. In the current scenario, people travel by plane. A journey that might take a month would just take a couple of hours. The spread has been very fast and we still probably seeing the tip of the iceberg. An estimate says that it will eventually affect 80% of the world population. Even a 5% death rate would be 250 million people. The human race is not at a very good place now.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Covid-19 How India should play it?

Covid-19 is playing havoc all around the world. It is devastating to one and all, be it developed countries or poor countries. Currently, it seems it is hitting hard developed countries but soon we will see that the impact on the poor and developing countries will be more devastating. though China has been able to reign it, but no one knows when a subsequent wave might hit them. All said and done, the war with Covid 19 will be over in only two cases:
  • Vaccine, whenever we find it. the conservating estimates are showing that it will be anything upwards of one year. Hopefully, it will be easy to scale the manufacture in such large quantities as it will be needed by everyone in the world. 
  • Herd immunity is developed which means that the virus runs its own course throughout the world and there are enough people now immune to it so that it becomes very hard to spread.
Before anything happens on any one of the above fronts, we are still staring at deaths in large numbers. 

Monday, January 13, 2020


जब तक जिंदा हूँ लाश हूँ
जिस दिन मर जाऊंगा
मेरी कौम ढूंढ लेना
जला देना या दफना देना
या लटका देना दरख़्तों पर
चील कौवे गिद्ध नोंच लेंगे

फितरत में मेरे कुछ नहीं है
फिर भी मैं सब कुछ हूँ
राजा भी हूँ रंक भी हूँ 
आज भी जीता हूँ 
इसी अहसास में
मैं हूँ मैं ही मैं हूँ

Monday, December 9, 2019


भूखा है नंगा है डरा है
हर चौराहे पर इंसान खड़ा है

हर तरफ देशभक्ति का जलवा है
कोई बेच रहा दातून कोई गंजी
आम इंसान, खाने को दो रोटी नहीं

देश का हर नेता है महान
कभी वह भी था इंसान
सत्ता का मद हो चला इतना भारी
फर्क नहीं पड़ता बहे खून या पानी