Friday, September 12, 2014

The notion of certainty

We all live with an extreme strong sense of notion of certainty. It seems like, we all know for sure how the things are going to unfold for us. This sense of certainty gets more pronounced, when we are gambling or playing stock market. And this sense of certainty builds expectations in us. These expectations in turn blur the difference between reality and perception. The perception, in fact becomes the reality. 

The sense of perception is so strong that, we take it for reality and we live in that world. A person investing in a certain stock thinks that this is the only stock which is going to be multi-bagger and there is no alternative outcome to that. A person pulling the slot in a casino, thinks that the next move is going to fetch the jackpot.
Why humans carry such a notion of certainty? I feel, it's because as a human we are exposed to so much uncertainty that we build the notion of certainty out of it. That gives us the sense of comfort and the power to act. If we start getting bogged with all kind of uncertainty, that would simply freeze us from doing anything.
However expectations built out of the notion of certainty, actually leads to more pain in the future as the desire outcomes fails to materialize. The sense that is important, in helping with dealing with unknown out come is to do a journey from a notion of "This is the outcome." to "This is one of the possible outcome.". What it also means that, we keep the notion of certainty which helps us in doing actions and in the same time helps us in getting ready for variability in outcomes. The success is not more so much dependent on positive outcomes in life but the ability to embrace the negative outcomes, accept them and move on. At the same time, be careful of not building the habit of failing again and again. It's fine to fail for a certain new reason but not an acceptable situation to fail for the same reason. 

Humans also depend on supernatural aspects to bring this notion of certainty. Wear this stone or wear certain kind of colour or do things on certain days and times. This all is an attempt to bring certainty to the future. Astrologers make huge kills because they claim to be knowing about future, in absolute terms.  And it's amazing that the astrologers know about everyone else life but not of their own. Did I say probability?

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