Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The world of Numbers

This is a world of big numbers. In every aspect of life, what matters is numbers. There are billions of sites in the web. Some companies have revenues running in billions. With advancement in medical science and control over epidemics, we have billions of people on earth now. The most respected people on earth are people with billions and millions of worth. There is terabytes or petabytes or not sure which byte of data on the web and in all the machines all around. Yes, we have progressed a lot.

There are millions of people who sleep daily without having a proper meal ( or maybe mail). Millions of newborn never become adult. Millions are drug addict and the people living a stressful life is surely in billions. The debts run into trillions.

The silent sufferer in this quantity game is the quality. There is no satisfaction as there is no end to this number game. Unfortunately, the number system is not closed so there is no chance of seeing an end to this. There is always a possibility to add more numbers to make it more positive or more negative. The inability to cap the number system reflects our inability to cap our desire. There is a saying in Hindi which says "The mirage of 99". It always drives you to get to next level of digits. 

This desire to achieve more and more leads to more and more gap between reality and expectations. This, in turn, leads to dissatisfaction and pain. We think that the next million will satisfy us. Before we reach next million, we are already thinking about the billion.

Is there an end to this desire? If we can figure out a way to cap the number system, we might be able to do it.

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