Monday, January 17, 2022

How to play Wordle?

  • Go to website
  • You will see a screen as follows:

  • It has 6 rows and 5 columns. You have to guess the word of the day and the 6 rows allow 6 guesses. However, when you enter the first 5 letter word in the first row it will tell you how many letters are there in the final word and how many are placed correctly. A good idea is to put a word with a lot of vowels.
  • For example, put "ADIEU" in the first row
  • I is green so I is a letter in the final word and is correctly placed at 3rd position.
  • E is yellow so E is present in the final word but it is not correctly placed. It is for sure not in 4th position in the final word.
  • A, D, U are black so they are not present in the final word
  • Now let's put SMILE. I is in 3rd position and E is present but not in 4th position
  • Now we got S, I, and E green that means all three are in the final word and correctly placed. However, M and L are not in the final word.
  • Now let's put SHIRE

  • Hurray, all green. We got the right word. 
  • My family plays it quite often. Check the video at "Bhatt Family Studio"

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