Tuesday, October 9, 2018

What a world !!!

The human race in its present form has been residing on earth for probably more than twenty thousand years now. No one in the history, till two thousand years back has the notion of my land or your land. Now we hear about migrants, immigrants, legal and illegals. We have wired ourselves so much with so many discriminatory concepts that it's hard to find the real human inside. We define ourselves by our possessions. We get comfort in the physical manifestations around us. We don't meet with humans nowadays. We meet with positions and titles. We meet to serve our needs and wants. 

It has become so common for people to lay their claim on the land and to aggressively throw others. Ignoring the fact that forefathers of many of them were also immigrants. Hatred is driving the society and has become a centerpiece of our behavior. It has become the core foundation from which our actions are driven.

There is a reason also. Economically as a human race we are not in very good condition. There are extreme riches but more profound is widespread poverty. The gap is rising every day. Then there are expectations which are making each one of us crazily poor, in spite of getting our three-course meals. Till a decade or two back, most of us were happy if we can get our meals. New clothes were expected to be in one of the major festivals in a given year. Now the expectations are very high. Every occasion and gathering, one needs a new dress. And party we do a lot. A majority of poverty is because of the expectations mismatch with what one is getting and what one thinks is possible. Everyone needs a swanky sports car, even though they may not have a need to travel on daily basis.

With the advance in technologies, the conflicts in human society now take a global shape quickly. A conflict between the color of skin or caste or religion is taken to the world in no time via multiple advanced technology platforms. However, a human gesture between two humans just gets buried at the moment at that place only. This was true earlier also but now the technology makes the intensity much stronger.

Image reference: Pixabay

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