Sunday, August 17, 2014

What Government should do?

Our GDP has grown consistently in last few years (ignoring the temporary blip because of recession). Unfortunately, at the same time the percentage of BPL (Below Poverty Line) families has risen. What growth we are talking about? Let's not blame if rich are becoming are super rich, but we should have an overall rising base level. The inclusiveness in the growth should be there. And I believe the government and its policies has to be changed to make this into effect.
When India got independence, there was a euphoria as if all the problems will get resolved automatically. We made the mistake of taking a path, where we made people complacent and lacking in entrepreneurship skills. The path to doing business is full of bureaucracy and red tapism and still is. Everyone thought that the government is responsible for taking care of everyone from birth to death. We soon realized in 90's that this system does not works. It just increases the motivation to do nothing. Enter any government office and one will realize the direction less and the lack of energy there.
I think in this regard, it's very important that government policies should be considered from the perspective that we increase the notion of entrepreneurship at each and every level of society right from cities to small towns and villages. The government should concentrate on providing infrastructure and education and the country will take care of itself. It should concentrate on the following aspects only
  • Road network so that everyone is connected.
  • Good public transport and charge for it so that it's a viable enterprise.
  • Uninterrupted electricity supply. (A big dream)
  • Affordable medical facilities. (Let's explore and rejuvenate the traditional methodology in it)
  • Good quality basic education
  • Internet infrastructure.
Apart from this government can have control on certain aspects which are of national importance in terms of security. Certainly it should not be making steel and mining coals. Once the citizens are enabled the country will grow automatically.

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