Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Is your Saint genuinely a Saint?

The history is full of Saints. The present is full of Saints. People who claim to have exceptional power and perceived to be near to god. None of us know but they claim and we believe. Many of them live in opulence, travel in luxury cars and still, we claim how simple is their life. Do you also follow one of the saints, who sort of cajoles you to serve them as your master? The serving usually in the form of donations in cash or kind. Do you?

Take a step back. Ask yourself why you are making another human as the master of your life. Your saint might be genuine or may not be. The question is how to find that?

The bigger question is are you ready to question this?

Let's take a step back. Why one goes to a saint? There are usually two reasons for that. One is because of fear and other is because of desire. There is a third category where people are looking for knowledge and to sort out their mental process. They are a small percentage of the whole and that's the genuine saint-disciple relationship. Paramhans and Vivekanand is a great example of that. The majority of the cases, however, lies in the first two categories.

What is fear? A human mind can fathom limited things. Most of the things in his life are beyond his or her control. The unknown brings a sense of uneasiness in the mind. How life will turn on the next corner, no one ways! They desperately need someone who can help them out to tackle this fear. And there are enough people who would not mind feeding on your fear. Is your saint doing the same? Is there a constant effort to make you more fearful by telling about things that can happen in your life if you don't do certain things. Are rituals forced on you which becomes costlier with time? You better run.

What is desire? It's an attempt to gain more things in life that are available. It can be tangible or intangible. Someone needs more money, others need comfort. Someone wants to get rid of a disease. The usual problem is that many times we even know what to do, it's just the inertia that stops us. Saints would use this as an opportunity to put you on a ritual which creates the required confidence in you and you attribute the success back to him. If it does not work then it is because of you not doing the rituals wholeheartedly or your sins are so much that nothing can help it. Of course, there is a high level of ritual, it's just more costly. If your saint is throwing rituals on you and not helping you to change your approach internally, you better run. His rituals are at best probabilistic attempts.

This comes to the third and most important part. Who is a saint? A saint is someone who is constantly in pursuit of knowledge. He or she is looking for true happiness and not in pursuit of materialism. He is not keen on creating an empire but to create an environment of learning. Such saints are hard to find and most of the times they are not interested in having disciples. They are just too busy with their pursuit of knowledge. You can win them not by giving donations but showing a similar pursuit of knowledge.

Rest all are shops in the market and look on you as a target customer. With some many fake saints and the kind of crimes they are involved into, it's very important to do your diligence to choose your guide and mentor.

Your best saint is you yourself. Do you have similar stories? Share them but don't take names. The names don't matter.

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