Monday, January 17, 2022

Wordle : The best 5 letter word to start

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Wordle is taking the world by storm and why not! It is a very interesting game. This is also an interesting question that what is a good starting word. Of course, each day is different and each day's word is different. However, still, a good strategy is to start with a word that has maximum vowels as we all know that vowels are the glue for words and they appear in bulk.

Wikipedia page tells about the frequency of the different letters in English.

Snapshot from Wikipedia
Snapshot from Wikipedia

Based on the frequency of letters in the dictionary, good choices of words can be 

  • Anagram of E, S, I, A , R
    • ARISE
    • RAISE
    • SERAI
    • AESIR
    • REAIS
  • Some other choices can be (using next occurring letters)
    • RINSE
    • TRAIN
    • IRATE (Top occurring consonants) 

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