Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pineapple vs Coconut

The politics knows no boundaries. There is an old saying that "Where Sun can't reach, poets can". This however has become more relevant and all the wrong way with the modern day politicians. One politician says something about pineapple juice and other one presumable overhearing it wrongly, starts talking as if the first one has talked about coconut. Names are not important in this debate. Exchange the individuals, or replace them randomly with any other political characters, the result will be same. Sometime back one of them raked donkey and the whole world followed that like a donkey. And when I say "Followed that like a donkey", I want to be clear that it's the notion of donkey as in human's mind and nothing to do with actual donkey. They are one of the most harmless animals and have been helping human race in carrying their chores. 

But this debate has some interesting things to bring. What politicians are trying to achieve. There are two ways to prosper in life. One is to by hard work raise your situation among your ecosystem. The other way is to pull everyone around you so you start looking tall in the crowd. Our politicians have become very good in adopting the second modus operandi.

As far as, coconut goes whether we should call it water or juice, I will rest my case with a quote from wikipedia on coconut

"Coconuts are distinct from other fruits for their large quantity of water (also called "juice")..." 

So looks like it was not only quoted wrong but the factual information was also not correct. But does it matter? I don't think so. There are no substance is such words but like all other controversies we will savor it and than move on.

Somewhere in this we are loosing the focus on development. Every day you hear new kind of kinky political statements, which have no relevance to governance. 

Can we please talk about more serious things. Let's talk about jobs and how to kick start new job creations. Let's talk about education and what can be done to fix the system. Let's talk about farmers, how we can enable them so that they do not have to do suicides. Let's make environment positive and talk about material things.

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