Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cell phone Battery Discharges Too Fast?

Most of us struggle with cell phones discharging too fast. And we download many battery saving applications to make the cell phone batteries to last longer. However taking care of some of the small things can help your battery to last much much longer for a given charge.There are many many things you can do to micro manage your battery but I will just go over the important one's to save the cell phone battery from discharging faster.
  • Display brightness: Put the display brightness to lowest level that is required. A bright display takes a lot of battery horsepower. You can usually tweak the display brightness from the settings menu of your phone. Another things you can do is to set the time outs to let the screen go off in case of inactivity. After time out the display goes in sleep mode. 
  • Shut off not needed services: This is another battery drainer. When you don't require it shut down your blue tooth, GPS, wifi and even phone services. If you are not using it and or in a no reception area, it's better to shut down these services. For example, in a weak WiFi zone or no WiFi zone, phone keeps on searching for better quality signals. In weak reception area, phones even increase their reception power  to cope with weak signal. The result is your battery quickly draining out. Try experimenting by putting your phone in a weak WiFi reception area and compare the results with the phone in an area having good reception.
  • Look for apps running: Whenever you start an app and go to another app, the first app keeps running on background. Also their are apps that keep synching to their servers for new information or data refresh. Look for those apps and either stop them for synching or better remove them if they are really not needed. You can see all the apps running usually in setting. All phones provide easy mechanism in terms of providing the list of background apps.
  • Vibration: A mechanical movement is going to take more power. Making the phone to do disco will require energy. Use vibration if you really need it. It's a personal choice. Disable vibration if your need long battery charge life.
  • Fancy Wallpaper: Fancy wallpaper are good to watch but have there own say on power. They are also responsible for draining the battery. A good idea is to put simple wall papers when you are on travel or in areas where charging may not be available easily. Even in simple wall paper it's a good idea to use wallpapers with black colours as some screens are smart enough to not to paint anything.
Do the above things and you will enjoy a much better battery charge life. 

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