Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to find SAR value of Mobile

How to know the SAR of a mobile? It's very easy. Just go to your phone dial pad and dial *#07# and the phone will display the SAR value. If this does not works, then you might want to check with the documentation of your mobile.

What is SAR? SAR stands for Specific absorption rate. It reflects the radiation from a phone. When I dial the above number on my Micromax phone, I get the following.

  • 0.424 W/Kg @ 1g(Head)
  • 0.453 W/Kg @ 1g(Body)
The value means the amount of energy absorbed by 1 g tissue. The SAR value mentioned is usually the highest SAR value. In case of good reception, mobiles reduce their power and hence results in low SAR value,

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