Friday, September 12, 2014

The reason in religion

I was visiting one of the local temple which is situated on the bank of a river. This is a beautiful temple located next to the river bumping against it. Everything is beautiful in that surrounding. The serene banks of water with rich vegetation on the opposite side soothes the eyes. A crane takes a low flight on water and stands on one leg to hunt for its next meal. Then the eyes wander on my side of bank. People sitting on the bank with contemplative mood with their sorrowfulness and happiness and all kind of ness.
And than the eyes start wandering into the water of the river. The eyes meet with the blackness in
water. The river looks dead with no sign of any life in it. I pity for the crane for its luck. And than your eyes meet with the numerous traces of human work in action. They are full of plastic bags and idols immersed in water. Not sure what we achieve with that. These things really confuse me. The tussle of reason in a religion. One guy comes and dumps a lot of trash from his temple at home. If god would be lesser happy if he would have disposed it without hurting our river. We have to bring some reason in our religion otherwise we will keep on killing our rivers and ecosystems. 

How you would feel if someone comes and dumps trash in your house? Remember we are doing the same things to fishes in the river. If still you feel strongly religious about these things, I respect your feelings but would request you to think about what we will left with rivers having no lives. This is just an example I have quoted and we have similar instances in many parts of many of our religions that we practice in earth. Also please do not confuse religion with god.
The photograph below shows the idol in the river. The idol is 10 cm in height. Note the plastic bag and vegetation next to it.

Idol in River
Idol in River

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