Friday, September 12, 2014

Is there an alternative?

We do need certain structure in society for it to behave orderly. To say that the notion of nation and religion is all wrong is not a right proposition. Even if we remove these notions they would again appear in some other form. The only change would be different geographical boundaries and a different overlap of religious notions. There would still be boundaries. Certain social structures are also important in the context that they prevent chaos.
The problem happens when these notions are stretched beyond the need of maintaining the order in society. When they become the tool of manipulation in the hands of people holding those powers, the trouble starts happening. In the severity of that chaos, revolutions are breeded. The power is vested in
the hands of people again. The power in the hand of certain people again corrupts them and breeds the next cycle of revolution. 
This is an endless process and will continue in future. The silver lining is that the power is getting vested more in the hands of people from the custodians of power. Autocratic governments are replaced with Democracy. Democracy is evolving everyday to bring more power in the hand of people.
Where this all will end or what is the elusive culmination for perfection? With Information Technology penetrating the world in a big way, the day is not far when all the laws will be done by calling the vote of each individual. The big question would be that if it is right to take the opinion of everyone or vest that power to certain set of intellectuals who understand the nature of issues much better. But one thing is sure for a long time to come, the human society will be building more web of rules around itself in the name of governance and discipline. 

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