Friday, October 5, 2018

The many worlds

Take a stroll on the sidewalks of Silicon Valley. Overhear the conversation. People are talking about driverless vehicles, spaceships, and the next billion dollar idea. You might happen to see through the corner of your eyes a driverless car passing by. Life is fast. There are billion-dollar dreams in the eyes and to become one of the blue blood. The buzzwords like robots, machine learning, artificial intelligence paint the air. They are on a mission to replace human in every way in the world, not even realizing that they are also human. And they will have kids which will be humans and not robots.

In a non-descript village, somewhere near the town of Pithoragarh, an old lady is getting ready to prepare her lunch. Cooking meal three times for her and apart from daily routines, she has nothing else to do in life. But she is not unhappy. She has found a satisfaction and a way to enjoy her life. Her kids are gone long ago in pursuit of their dreams. One of the sons, she proudly tells to others in village works in silicon valley. Her daughter had given her a mobile phone, which rarely gets a signal in the village. Whenever it has signal, no calls come so it's anyway useless. But she is happy. Her husband's pension is good for her to serve the needs for her. Oh! her husband is dead long ago.

The Sentinelese live on an island between India and Thailand. They still are hunters and food gatherers and have shunned all the interaction with the modern world. They have not moved with time. In our lingua franca, they are not in the developed category. Similar such tribes exist on different parts of the world. It will be wrong to assume that they are unhappy or missing things in life. They are still holding themselves away from the good and bad of the modernity. People on the other side of the world are more concerned about them without knowing what their concerns are!

What would happen if we port people from one setting to another? What would happen if I have to live with one of the types? Will I enjoy? 

We are living in interesting times. The world did not change for thousands of years. However, for last four-five hundred years and especially in the last couple of decades it has metamorphosed itself completely. It's no longer the same easy-going world but is a fast-paced, hungry and hyped world. There is an attempt to build scale in everything. The colour of the world is intense. Black is more black, white is more white, orange is more orange and green is more green.

Every concept that human can lay its hands on is being played to make it manifest itself in its ultimate form. The philosophies are played to their extremes. The expectations are too high and becoming unbounded day by day. Hope in this pursuit, we still will manage to save the human and humanity. 

Let's fly to enjoy and not to race. Enjoy every shade of every colour.

Image reference: Pixabay


  1. What an interesting post! The world is definitely more intense now, color race religion and everything else. We will have to wait and watch if we manage to save humanity.

    1. That's true. The worst enemy of a human is a human. The unbounded expectations and desires are taking us on uncharted territories.


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