Sunday, June 3, 2018

Who am I?

The biggest myth of this world is the notion of which place, nation, caste, or religion I belong to. Let me ask you to trace your roots. Are you Indian or Australian or Chinese or belonging to one of the European countries or an American? Ok, let's change the question. Which religion you belong to? Pop comes an answer and the sound of that word has no meaning if you think deeply about that. Why am I saying so? 

You would have seen your father following the religion, caste, nationality, or locality religiously. You might have seen your grandfather also doing the same. How about your great-grandfather? Let's rewind the tape a little bit more. A couple of generations back, how much you are sure about your ancestor having the same set of religion, caste, nationality, or locality for that matter. Oh, I forgot! Many of the existing nations were not just there and so many cities or towns. How about rewinding a couple of centuries back? Couple of thousand years back! A million years. Oh! Humans as a race did not exist at that time.

If we don't know about our past then why we fight for it? Why we feel agitated about the notions attached to us?

Let's be honest about it. None of these notions matter. We fight for one simple reason. It's for a selfish motive. The motive of not to share things with anyone else. Humans were hardly a few in numbers on earth at a point in history. Now we are in billions. To sustain billions there is pressure on resources and everyone wants the best pie for them, Rest all is a facade to execute the plan of not allowing others to share.  If the resource is not plentiful, even the last two people remaining will find a reason to fight. Finally, it's the economics where things boil down it. The demand and supply determine and drive and is the reason for many of the underlying reasons for our behavior.

As a race, we are so foolish that we treat all the innovations and discoveries as something great. If you feel you are so superior just take a stroll in a forest for a couple of hours with no arms. We as a race have become megalomaniac to a large extent. After a couple of centuries of history and some progress as per our definition, we treat ourselves as super animals. In maybe a couple of centuries, we will be gone and earth will sit with no emotion for millions of years undoing everything we have done, both the so-called good and bad.

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