Sunday, December 17, 2017

The ethical dilemma of Artificial Intelligence

Robot Human
Robots and Humans at crossroads

Will robots replace humans and to what extent? This is a question that everyone is pondering on. There is a sense of excitement but at the same time a sense of despair also. What will happen to employment? What will happen to social structures, when most of the things are done by robots? Also, who will have the control on this world? At the moment, there are just questions and no answers to these questions.

We even don't know if machines will reach the intelligence level of humans and will actually replace them in every facet of life. The kind of intelligence we are building in the machines, how difficult it will be replicate the complete neural network and other parts of a human brain. What will be the role of the human in such a society?

Human society is not just about economic structures in place. They go beyond these and are also about sociological structures. It's defined by relationships, personal egos, and aspirations. There is also a dependency among individuals in the sense that people take care of each other as part of different relationships.

Let's imagine robots has taken every aspect of the world and replace humans. People don't have to do anything in the world. Also because of machines, the economic structure of demand and supply get highly skewed in the sense that there is ample of everything for everyone. What will happen to human society? A simple question is what a human will do on a daily basis?

As aptly said by someone "An empty mind is devil's workshop." With many fundamental notions of society breaking up, how society will restructure itself.  We have already seen fundamental shifts in society happening because of many recent technological innovations. These changes will be happening at a much faster pace. People who were used to corresponding via letters, many of them were lost when phones came. Not everyone is adept at embracing change. And it hits the older population in a hard way. Also, it will hit the poor more than the rich initially and eventually rich may also lose the game.

We all are in a race. A race winning which is probably going to defeat us the humans. Technical innovation is not bad, but we will have to be careful that what it's going to offer to us, as a human race. The world is living in a two to three year ROI model. We are not even pondering about the ROI regarding decades and centuries. Ignoring this question for long might lead to a situation where we will even loose the power to address it.

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