Sunday, January 15, 2017


Being in USA for a week trip, I could feel the intensity of emotions with Trump elected as President. See Fox news and you can believe that everything is going to be great, the American dream is going to be realized. America will be a self asserting country, which has been undermined lately. Switch the CNN and you can feel as the world is going down. This is the most unheard of the catastrophy that the world is going to face.

I was wondering where the truth lies? And for sure, truth is never extreme on either sides. It always has a shade of gray but we conveniently make it black and white as it is easier to get comfortable with our inner inclinations. How Trump regime will unfold, is a question which we can only answer in future. Yes, he is not one of those run of the mill president. He has his own set of controversies and some of them not of something which can be ignored. But at the end of the day, he is elected by America to lead the country. This fact cannot be denied.

However there is a broader aspect of everything which is happening in the world and it's not just about USA. This is heady cocktail of capitalism, democracy and globalisation whose effects are unfolding in full force. 

Democracy is though not so old but old enough and provides an opportunity to everyone has a say in the governance model. Overlay that with the fact that people don't think rationally and has a crowd psychology when they take decisions. Most of the people don't differentiate between what is good for long run. Is democracy a good bet? I would say yes, on an average the democratic setups are the best. The allow things to not go to extreme as each regime is time bounded. The institutions are usually stronger in democratic setup and help keep things under control. Out of all the possible governance model the humans know about, democracy is probably the best. However democracy also leads to short sighted measures by leaders as that's what their governing span is. Autocracy can be very effective but it is a one way street. If gone wrong, it can devastate everything. Their are other models like communism but as the history has shown with failed communism, it's not the theory itself which is flawed but the implementation. For communism to be successful, it expects honesty of very high level among everyone, and which is not the natural inclination of human. Communism can be interplayed with democracy but communism allows states to become very strong and the democracy is just a ceremonial affair. True democracy in turn provides an opportunity to keep assessing the government and spares no one.

Overlay it with capitalism, which has a good and a crony aspect to it. Unfortunately the croniness is more pronounced than anything. We don't realize it as a society, but in name of development we have make everyone dependent on the the engine of capitalism. Everyone has to churn himself as part of that system. If you don't live with the rule of systems, the system will kill you. And the same engine of capitalism is beautifully producing rich people and poor people. And with the current explosion of social media and communication tools, it's churning poor people with huge aspirations to become rich. Rich people in turn not happy with their richness, so they are ready forever to do everything, good or bad to add more zeroes to their balance. Their is no convergence in terms of what one wants to achieve. A life of circle is become a life of parabola with no sign of infinity. The capitalism in itself atleast kept the issues local to society and country. If people are getting rich, they are still people of this country. The explosion was not high till globalization entered.

Globalization changed the rule of the game. Rich capitalist people started pushing their richness by moving businesses around the global, wherever it made financially soothing. This exploded society already at the verge of extreme disparity. People are getting more churned on the engine of growth. We have seen countries falling apart financially as they are not able to play with the new normal. The capitalism leverage has got globalization context attached to it. The whole world has become a big swing, swaying in directions wth any small event in any part of the world.

If you look into this context, you will realize why the voices which are extreme (extreme neither in good or bad sense), are finding connotation with the mass. We will see more and more of this coming where democracy will experiment more with ideas. The ideas which may not be very comfortable with day to day thinking. Will it help in long run, let it be history only who decides that.

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