Saturday, January 28, 2017


Once one of my friend told me about USA that it's a country run by lawyers. India has still not reached to that state but slowly moving towards it. There is an effort to regulate everything in society. Regulations either enforced by law or in the name of culture. I do understand the need of regulating to an extent as humans are selfish and because of their ability to think in bad ways, they can harm others. But is there a boundary line about how much regulation is good. The people not in power wants very less controls and those in power want complete control. Run the society completely governed by laws and by-laws.

A regulated society is good if the individuals don't feel suffocated. What is right and wrong is a much bigger question. In fact at a level it can be challenged that why the society needs the law itself. Why can't we live like animals. Yes, it will be a tough ask for many of us as it will lead to survival of fittest. Who has given the power to certain set of people to govern others? I can see a counter argument in terms of that it will create anarchy. May be for sometime. Humans are used to live in this way for couple of thousand years only. Before that we were like any other animals.

The way the society is trying to regulate itself, it will not be surprising if we start forcing Lions and Tigers also to not to hunt, as they kill animals. But the irony is that all plant kingdom also contains life. Humans has made the living itself very hard, in the name of simplifying it.

And frankly speaking, no one knows what is right in this world. We all have our conjectures and theorems. Some of us has the ability to make it a rule and make others follow it.

Rules initially were made for humans so that people don't run over each other. Now humans are made for rules. These rules are handed as gospel truths. We don't look into alternatives and there is no appreciation that things can exist in a different way also.

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