Sunday, July 10, 2016

Political fanaticism

Open any news channel and you will find people yelling and fighting with each other. Looks like everyone is just interested in putting his view point without understanding any other possible viewpoint. Ask any inconvenient question to one of the panelist, they will soon start drawing a circle and at a certain point on the circumference,  shoot a tangent out of it. Also the news are colored based on the goggles one is wearing. Reporting is not a statement of facts but a take on how it should be looked at. The other interesting thing is that now everyone is a journalist via their Facebook and Twitter account. Everyone has take on the issue, which is not wrong, but that take has no place for competing viewpoints. 

Let's take  a recent incident of Kejriwal going to Somnath temple in Gujrat. How the social media reacts:

Bhakt: So Kejriwal has nothing to do now so he is visiting Somnath. No movies to review this week. Anyway what he does apart from tweeting negativity. He has given everyone the habit of free which is the only thing that he understands about governance. Look at the conditions of road. (Make very sweeping statements). He does not wants to govern but he just wants to create trouble.  He is a crying child and blaming everyone to hide his incompetence.

Aaptard: The lion of new age politics is going to meet the Lion of Gir forest. The torch bearer of new age politics, the crusader of anti-corruption.  Arvind Kejriwal is the hope of many youths who believe that a new age politics have space in this country, politics which is beyond caste, religion and corruption.

In this noise, somewhere Congress is loosing the battle of existence. They don't even know how to react. The best is:

AAP and BJP both are one. AAP is a B party of BJP. People know that Congress is going to win in Gujrat, so BJP wants to bring AAP to cut the vote of Congress. Both have made a mess of country and capital. People are realizing that it's only Congress which can bring sanity back.

As per Bayesian law, what is the probability that if someone is going gaga about BJP, he is bhakt. The answer is 1. The same is true for other two. There is no place for healthy debates, views and counter views.  We first take a position and then create the debate. India badly requires a depoliticization of many institutions to bring sanity back. Let there be some good debate on views and counter views and at the end of it, the mutual respect remains. 


  1. You are right when you say, "There is no place for healthy debates, views and counter views. We first take a position and then create the debate."

    1. And the anchors are also very clear from beginning about the conclusions to be drawn. "I know what Nations wants to know"


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