Friday, January 2, 2015

Privacy Policy and Ad Networks

Google Adsense and many ad networks generally require a privacy policy to be posted. 

The main theme of privacy policy is to make the visitor aware of the fact that the servers hosting web page captures information about user. The ad networks use cookies to store information about visitors. It also will keep track of the user preferences. The content might be customized based on user browser media type. A sample privacy policy of this web site can be seen at the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of this page.

Placement of Privacy Policy

Privacy policy should be placed in a location in page where generally people expect it to fine. Putting it in footer is a good choice as people generally tend to look for these things there. Also make sure that the font choice and colour should make it clearly visible.

Content of Privacy Policy

For Google Adsense, a good way to find the content to be included is to do as follows:
  • Go to Google Adsense
  • Click on the Help which is displayed as a question mark on top right.
  • Write 'Privacy Policy' in the text window. It will display the related searches,
Adsense Privacy Policy Help
Adsense Privacy Policy Help

  • Click on the link of 'Required Content'. It will show you the suggestive text that you should include in your privacy policy.

Adsense Privacy Policy Content
Adsense Privacy Policy Content

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