Friday, September 12, 2014

Bad is Good, Good is Bad

Is bad good or good is bad? It's very difficult to ascertain that what is bad and what is good at an absolute scale while it is much easier to define bad or good at a relative scale. When two are in dispute, than one's bad is others good and vice-versa. When a tigress kills a deer, it's good for tigress cubs but bad for deer's kids. The bad or good is more of a perspective than an absolute theory. Also the relativeness of the theory has to be judged not only on a spatial scale but also on the temporal scale. A certain thing might be bad in the immediate temporal scale but may turn out to be very good
in the longer timeline. Change the sides or the scale and same thing may appear in a different way. A bad will become good and a good will become bad. So Bad is Good and Good is Bad.
If we look more closely on any aspect of life, or for that matter any aspect of any happenings, there is this tension of trying to define it in terms of goodness and badness. Look little more closely and one realizes that the good and bad is more dependent on the power of people or machinery trying to push it in that direction.
I am refraining to quote any example and trying to keep this discussion at an abstract level as this quickly becomes controversial. But do this exercise at your end. Take any phenomena or happening for which you carry a very strong opinion. Does not matter if you feel good or bad about it. Now see if there are any other who holds an extremely opposite view to yours. Try to understand why the other side is holding the opposite extreme. Do you find that bad for you is good for others or vice- versa. Also try to look at the same thing on a time scale. Is it good or bad for that given second and does it remains good or bad in the same way in a bigger or may be in a smaller scale? 

So Bad is Good and Good is Bad.

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