Sunday, August 17, 2014

The birth of Humankind

The human has just started to stand on its two feet. For millions of years, they were residing on the trees like their ancestors, monkeys. The signs of tail is still there, though getting smaller with every thousand years. Humans still has fairly trivial needs. They would collect enough food to feed themselves. The other demands were the biological in nature. It continued till there was enough for population to feed on. The physical dominance still was needed to get a favourable status in terms of getting control on opposite sex. The other simultaneous thing happening was ability to use the mental
power. Humans understood that by applying certain tricks by applying their mind power could help them in providing a better handle on the situation. This produced two distinct class of people into the society on the forefront. One with physical power and other with mental ingenuity.
As the population started growing, and the resources in the surrounding area decreasing it led to the importance of the people with physical power. They would lead the group on hunt and looked upon highly because of their ability to feed the group. The mentally ingenious people helped in building tools which helped the society to do the hunt better. One of them would have discovered fire and invented wheel. However the powerful guy did not wanted the intelligent guy to be getting so much importance for his ingenuity. He started building battery of yes people around him which increased his power manifold. The seeds of nation got rooted here.
The intelligent guy on seeing that his power is waning, started to claim the control on superpower. With some amount of observation, he could predict certain changes in nature. He demonstrated that by doing certain actions he can force the nature to behave in certain way. It had a powerful impact on the crowd and made him the custodian of super natural power. The seeds of religion got the roots here. The intelligent guy knew that in spite of enjoying such super natural power, he still needed the power of the strong guy for day to day sustenance. A fine balance was struck between nation and religion.
I am purposefully putting the word religion and not god, because my belief is that the god and religion are two different things. God is I am not sure if Human will ever understand. What we understand is its manifestation as defined by certain individuals and unfortunately the biggest reason for not having peace in the world.

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