Sunday, August 17, 2014

To be or not to be

To be or not to be, at times looks to be a deep philosophical question. It is a constant struggle, in many passing moments of life to try to fathom the question of how to live that moment. We carry so many images of our self inside us. And we constantly struggle to find out which self to carry at that particular moment. The various images of self, coloured with all sorts of super heroes and flesh heroes churned with our strength and weaknesses develops at the moment, presents to us multiple alternatives to live that moment. After the moment is gone, the way we have posed at that
moment mesmerises us. But that is just an afterthought.
We constantly struggle to figure out how to live a particular moment. I am purposefully not using the word behave as behaving is only superficial. "Living" brings the complete depth of us in that moment. Behaving is just one part of us. In Hindi, there is what we called man, karma and wachan, which translates to our mental thought process, our actions and dialogues. All three together decide the complete self of us. Our behaviour is primarily our dialogues and a part of our action, which is visible. The other part of action, which are hidden from outside and our thought process which is very private determines the complete self.
The major confusion in the self comes because of incongruity between Man, Wachan and Karma. The peace lies in bringing complete synchronization between three. The serenity lies there. "The experiments of Truth" by Mahatma Gandhi was an attempt to achieve the synchronization of Man, Wachan and Karma. It's not easy as life poses its own teasers to solve, which at times are not congruent with internal thought process.

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