Monday, September 12, 2011

Trek Planning

Selecting a Trek
Selecting a trek is probably the most difficult part. Many things has to be balanced including the number of days and the amount of pain one is willing to take. Also it's important to make a decision that whether you want to go with a well planned group where everything is laid out minute by minute to a more adhoc approach where you find the way as you go. Be careful that the first one may make it too artificial and at other end where you would just spent most of the time finding the way.
Check list for a Trek
This is an exhaustive list so pick the things as you need. Also this list assumes the trek to a cold place. To a hot place the things might change.
Personal care and hygiene

1. Tooth paste + brush + ear buds + toothpicks + comb + cold cream +
sunscreen + lip guard + deodorant
2. Toilet paper roll
3. Paper soap + soap
4. Towel (hand + full body)
Clothes and apparels

5. Undergarments + Hankies + Socks sets as per no. of days (or 2sets + Micoderm
"antibacterial powder")
6. Thermals
7. Warm woolen jacket
8. Track suit 2 pairs
9. Woolen cap, woolen hand gloves
10. Regular cap
12. Hunter Shoes, Chappals
13. Light raincoat
Medicines and related

14. Medical kit (Bandaid + cotton + dettol + antiseptic cream + pain
killers + vicks vaporub (inhaler) + loose motion pills + motion
15. Mosquito repellent
16. Hand sanitizer
Edibles and related

17. Dry fruits + biscuits + lemon candy
18. Glucon D + Electral Powder
19. Water bottle
Travel documents

20. Tickets
21. Your photo id proof.
22. Other relevant documents
Other accessories

23. Sunglasses + Binoculars
24. Torch
25. Mobile/Camera charger
26. Small notebook + pen
27. Swiss knife
28. Fevikwick
29. Camera + accessories
30. Small and big plastic bags

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