Monday, September 12, 2011

Bharat Band Jai ho

We have Bharat bands. The band word itself sounds strange, considering that it means that everything stops. And it's so strange that the word which was used by our freedom fighters is used for a purpose where the people doing it do not even understand. This is not about a particular political party. It is a general phenomena, which repeats itself in the same way and the actors are people in power and people want to be in power.
So in the band, what we close? We close schools so the children could not study. We close the shops and businesses so that people can not do day to day chorus. Who knows this might just stop us from achieving double digit growth. We stop buses and trains so that people cannot reach to their destinations. The sick could not reach to Doctors. Wow, what an achievement.
And what was not closed? In spite of bandh. Corruption still goes on as it happened yesterday. In fact got a full day to do deals. The rogues elements got their chance to destroy the public and private property. The small time and big time politicians could show that how much they are important. Unfortunately their importance is reflected by stopping and destroying and not by creating and generating.
Each band is camouflaged behind a noble cause. Sometimes it is against fuel price hike and sometimes it's against some other issue. But all the time, a common thread is that the political parties resort to such act when they are going through identity crisis. It's more of a Page 3 politics.
If one is really concerned about the issue, than come up with alternatives to resolve those issues. I am sure, the people sitting in political parties are of very high caliber. There is never any doubt about that. But cannot they think of better ways to solve the problems, rather than harassing the common man.
If still one thinks, bandh is a good idea than please for a moment think about that chaiwala or the construction labour, whose daily dinner depends on Bharat running as usual. It may not impact you, but it impacts most of the people and in a very bad way.
Why not have a Bharat khula, always and everytime and than find the solutions in that context.
Jai Ho !!!

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