Friday, May 28, 2021

How is my channel doing?

Is my YouTube channel growing slowly? This is the million-dollar question. YouTube is the most popular video platform and any success there can bring huge rewards.  

We all want to know how my channel is doing? Is the growth normal and this is what happens to all the channels? To answer this question I thought of tracking one of my new YouTube channels with various data points as it does its journey. This will be a live blog post and I will keep updating the number as I see it. Let's see when it gets to 100, 1000, or hopefully million subscribers :)

Channel name: Story Time 

Channel URL:

     I have been changing the name quite often in the initial days. The name here is the current name.

Channel created on: 13 July 2020

First Video Uploaded: 12 May 2021

First outside view: 16 May 2021 ( 4 days later)

Marketing: Creating a blog post for each video in this blog (Last 28 days stats)

28 May 2021 Videos-22, Impressions-634, CTR-3.6%, Views-53, Watch time-6.3 Hrs, Sub-0

01 June 2021 Videos-25, Impressions-1.3K, CTR-2.9%, Views-73, Watch time-7.1 Hrs, Sub-1

   The subscriber unsubscribed in a couple of hours :(

09 June 2021 Videos- 25, Sub-1, Views-85, Watch time-7.6 Hrs, Impressions-1.7K, CTR-2.6%, 

   Finally one subscriber :)

30June 2021 Videos- 25, Sub-3, Views-74, Watch time-4.0 Hrs, Impressions-1.8K, CTR-2.6%, 

   I would consider it as 2 sub as it includes my son. :)

Channel URL:

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