Friday, December 30, 2016

UP - The coup is on

Finally Akhilesh has called it a day. Though the final nail is driven by Mulayam by expelling Akhilesh and Ramgopal from SP for six years, it was the only move left with Mulayam. He is the final actor but Akhilesh made sure to take it to the climax. For history, it's not new. Similar coups has happened for centuries. What changes is the actual execution which is a function of the forms of governments.  It's a father and son story and Mughal and many old empire is full of such. 

The history tells that, in all probability it is son who wins the battle. I don't think the reason is son being younger. If it would not be son, one cannot defeat a father like Mulayam. Mulayam is no novice of Indian politics. He has shown his political acumen and abilities to handle political situations umpteen number of times in past. Winning UP elections so many number of times requires political skills of highest order. The reason that Akhilesh will win has to be found in the natural relationship of father and son. The fathers have lost the battle not because they were less capable or weak, but because they never can become brutal to their sons similar to what they can do to a third party. On the contrary, sons are psychologically more free to do their attacks. Look back to your relationship with your father and your kids. It's subtle, but it's true and that's where Mulayam will loose the battle from Akhilesh. It's always sons who leave the father and not the other way out.

When Mulayam came to do the conference to announce the expulsion of Akhilesh, the pain was clear. It was quite evident that he still wanted to paint Akhilesh in a good light. He was trying to isolate Akhilesh from Ramgopal. He still carries the image of Akhilesh, a small toddler whom he has bring in the world and still wants to care for him and save him. It's true with any father. On the contrary Akhilesh will carry the impression of a strong man Mulayam while doing his actions. This will just lead him to fight his battle more ferociously, without any stings attached. Being Akhilesh, who has shown respect again and again for Mulayam, his win will be a big blow to other actors in the picture on Mulayam's side. The silver lining for Mulayam, in all possible outcomes, deep in his heart he will only win. 

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