Sunday, April 3, 2016

Why we live the way we live?

We all live our life as we are the ultimates in the universe. There are two kinds of approach thant people adopt. The first one think they are the center of the universe and the second one think they are the most useless person in the earth.  Most of the people do fall in the first category and the people from second category is usually a sign of depression. 

It's also a funny fact that our center is defined by our upbringing and the environment in which we grow. And we become so attached to that system of upbringing that we consider that as the truth of universe. If one belongs to a certain religion, we think that the particular religion is the religion of the world We consider its traditions as the gospels of the truth, without considering the fact that it's just one way of living out of many possibilities.

Think how you feel about certain things in life. Be it about eating something or not eating something. Be it about the way of wearing cloths or giving importance to certain symbols in real life. Do you feel agitated if someone demeans them? Is that not very strange, as they are are just one way of looking into things.

Think for a moment, you are walking on the side of a road. A car passes in a speed and hits an animal. It could be a dog or one of the many animals depending on the part of the world you are in. The animal's one leg is badly mutiliated. What you will do? It's not a question of what is right to do or even what is ethical to do? No one knows what is right or ethical. We have defined them as per our convenience. One's ethics is other's blasphemy. But how you react or even what you are thinking  or envisioning about the situation is a profound statement about your thought process and will be a reflection of your upbringing. Again there is no right or wrong here. It's just one way of thinking and living.

You might be a religious guy or you might be atheist. But why you are the way you are? What has prompted you to become one like that. Think deeply about the things that you consider as gospels. You might realize that you are carrying some of the funniest notions of life.

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