Friday, September 12, 2014

The concept of Nation

If one thing that has troubled the world most after the religious fanaticism, it is the concept of nationhood. Please do not take me wrong as I love my country but I have trouble, when it starts getting into the realm of hating the other country because they are not we. Amazing it is that no god or natural force has drawn those lines as we see in maps and globes built by human, but it in in grained in our mind by the academic systems. No fault of them, they are designed to do this. We have boundaries between India and Pakistan, US and Mexico, Germany and France and for that matter every country doing a boundary with other country. Who built those boundaries. We human so that
we can divide ourselves and fight among ourselves. It's amazing. How innovative. A tiger, raccoon, elephant or for that matter any animal, bird or fish wants to go from one country to another they can just walk or fly or swim through. No passport, visa, immigration or customs. And what we human have to do. We have to justify that we are good humans so are eligible for passport, visa and be allowed at immigration centre. Funny that we are the supposedly most advance among the living species and yet we could not develop a model to trust each other.

If one meet the people on street in any country, they are same and simple everywhere. Trying to meet everyday struggle in their life. So what went wrong that as we progressed the system around us became more unforgiving and suspicious. In software world, their is a parlance called Design by Configuration. What it means that you design the system considering the default behaviour most of the time. Further to simplify, it means design for a behaviour which is expected by most. Unfortunately all our systems are built around the notion that a person by default is bad and is a crook. And so everyone is looked from the same lens.

Is there an alternative arrangement possible? This is difficult at the moment as it has been ingrained deeply in our psyche. Especially rich nations would be more protective about themselves though many of them became rich at the cost of others. We need to change the thinking with a paradigm shift, than only it's going to be possible. I understand that local economies need to be saved and it requires some amount of protectionism. But beyond economics their are many simple things of life. The people just want to meet each other. Cannot we as the most advanced animal species do this and figure out a way. What do you think?

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