Friday, September 12, 2014

Terrorism is good

Please don't take me wrong when I say terrorism is good. There is absolutely no support for their way of working especially when the innocents are killed, for no rhyme or reason. I have absolutely no interest in giving my life for that matter the life of any other individual just because one have a philosophical inclination which many don't abide it.
I am supporting terrorism from a purely economic aspect. In fact this is probably the biggest job creator in last couple of years. At one of the local mall, around two years back I hardly used to see any security guard. Now the whole place is filled with security guards. And I am sure they would be having their hierarchy in terms of mangers and General Managers. And who know may be a Vice President also. It has given jobs to lot of people and thankfully to the people who are on the lower side of the economic hierarchy. What the Alan Greenspan's and Ben Bernake and Timothy Geithener's could not do, Osama Bin Laden did with a master stroke.
It's rightfully to argue that the terrorism may increase the job prospects for security related people but by putting economy into shambles it takes the job out from other parts of economy. Perfectly agree, and it has done couple of times now. But see it as more of a part of economic cycle. In fact, the worse loss for jobs was done not by terrorism but by harping the mythology of Internet or latest by financial terrorism. Beyond these economic cycles, terrorism still turns out to be a job creator. I would say "Long live terrorism without getting any success." It's a little hassle for me to get myself frisked at every entry and exit, if it provides two square meals to a lot of households.

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