Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pageviews difference in Blogger, Analytics and Adsense

If you have a blogspot  or blogger account and you have enabled Google analytics and adsense, one common confusion is the difference in page views. Usually blogspot account shows page views way higher than analytics and adsense account. For example if I take a representative statistics, it's as follows:

  • Page views in Blogger : 907
  • Page views in Analytics : 267
  • Page views in Adsense : 203
You might see different numbers but the general pattern is 

Page views of Blogger > Page views of analytics > Page views of Adsense.

Why this happens? Let's look into what is counted as page views in three scenarios.

Page views in Blogger

Blogger counts all the page views when a page is accessed by anyone including human and bots. For more about bots, you can follow here. A rough estimate tells around 60% of traffic comes from bots which is excluded in other two scenarios. This explains a very high number for blogger page views. Blogger gives an option to exclude your page views, but I will leave that as a personal choice. 

Page views in Analytics

Analytics excludes all the traffic from bots and only tries to include page views from human users. One important bot traffic is the traffic from search engines and there are quite a few search engines in web right now.

Another scenario where the page view can be excluded in analytics is, when a user aborts the page before letting it load completely. Usually the analytics code is put at the bottom part of a web page. So if the user aborts the page before letting it load completely, it will count as a page view in blogger but will not get counted in analytics.

Page views in Adsense

Sadly page views are lowest in Adsense :). Adsense loads the images in an iframe so that is another request to adsense server to fetch the ads. Even though you have enabled ad, it's quite possible that the ads may not be displayed as no one has bid for the ad for that particular instance. The other possibility is that people would have enabled ad blockers, so the ad may not get displayed on your page. These two are primary reasons of difference between page views in adsense and analytics.

For seeing how many ad request are happening for your web site and how many are getting served, check Performance Reports. In performance reports, on left hand side look into section of Ad

Adsense coverage
Adsense coverage
To get a better idea about the traffic you can also look into the source of traffic in different systems. This will give you an idea about from where you are getting your traffic.

Hopefully this gives you an idea about the difference in page views in different systems. What kind of page difference you see in your case?

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  1. Hi Friends Good Morning,
    I have a doubt regarding my Blogger and Adsense account, in my blog I am getting an average page view of 10,000 per day but my adsense account shows only an average of 5,000 page views daily. I’m confused. Daily in my adsense account it shows half the page views that I’m getting in by blogger account.
    Kindly anyone tell me the solution. Awaiting for your reply.
    Thanks in Advance.

    1. If you see in article above, it mentions that the blogger accounts count for all page views including that of coming from bots. In current internet world bots traffic is huge. Also if someone has put adblocker than the blogger will see a page view but adsense will not.

  2. same problem also happened on my blog

  3. My cricketing blog has a hell of difference between, adsense & blogger views, Oh my God, plz share some usefuls,

  4. It doesn't matter how "busy" or popular that web site is, well performing and paying ads are placed on appropriate pages getting from a dozen to thousands of visitors per day.E-commerce

  5. I just started blogging and my blog has 800+ views but in analytics it shows 1 view....Why is that happening??? There can't be so many bots seeing my blog and just 1 actual person.... please explain me why its happening

    1. One of the reason is also if people leave the blog before loading completely. Also make sure your analytics code is working properly and registering the views correctly.

  6. Same problem as Healthy. I have a post Ultimate PowerPoint Business Template which in Blogger stats shows 500+ visits, and Analytics – 20-30.
    Which is true?

  7. One more reason could be that the blogger stats may not be filtering bots whereas analytics is more stringent.


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