Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why I am the way I am

It's a deep philosophical thought. Most of us take pride in the way we are. We belong to certain religion, culture, intellectual circle or social circle. Some of us are great scientist. Some are business men, successful or unsuccessful. Some are political and business leaders, who with one of their statement can make hoards of people to follow them. Some of us are actors and sportsmen, few in the category of superstars. Many of us live a not so dazzling lifestyle, but still we take pride in whatever we belong to. My country is better than my neighboring country. My religion is better than all the other religions. Some of us go to the extent of fanaticism to kill the fellows of other religions. Some of us feel very proud about our intellectual abilities and the academic credentials that we have achieved. No matter who I am, I put myself at the center of universe and evaluate things around it. Some of us also are full of self doubts and low in esteem. Some of us even have very negative thoughts of life. 

Now let's take a step back and think about why I have become the way I am. For example, think for a moment the religion I belong to. My religion is best and I live and die with that thought. In split of a second, I can present hundred facts about why my religion is best. I can quote from all the ancient scripts of my religion. I can quote from lot of learned men from my religion.

Now think why I have come to belong to this religion? Most probably because I am born to my parents and my parents were born to my grandparents. What was that grand scheme of things that I happened to born in a particular social circle What if it would have been a different religion, may be the religion that is just opposite in my context. Would I still love my religion the way I love now and hate the other religion the way I hate now. Think about it. 

If I am super successful and super intelligent, it's because where I was born and the kind of situations that I had to face and go through, which made me to become like that. If I would have born in a different place or happen to belong to a different social system, would I have been the same way, the way I am right now.

Those who carry lot of negative thoughts, they belong to that thought process because of certain incidents and happenings in their life and they had no control over them. Either they were a kid at that time or powerless in those situations. Do they still have to carry the burden of that? Can they throw all their negative feelings? It looks very difficult but is very simple. 

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