Friday, August 19, 2011

Hill Forts for Trekking in Pune

Chakan or Sangramgad
Location: Chakan
Remarks: This fort is built on ground. Last Maratha-British war took place in this fort.
Chavand or Prasannagad
Location: Chavand
How to reach Chavand: Take the road from Junnar to Ghatghar (Jeevdhan / Naneghat). About 17Kms from Junnar lies the fort of Chavand.
How to reach Hadsar: Take the road to Junnar via Narayangaon and then take the road to Manikdoh. Hadsar is about 16 Kms from Junnar.
How to reach Jivdhan: Take the road to Junnar and than to Ghatghar.
Purandar and Vajrangad (Rudramal)

Sinhagad or Kondhana
Location: 25 Km from Pune.
How to Reach: Buses go from Swargate S.T stand. If you are on your own vehicle take Sinhgad road which takes directly to Sinhagad.
Remarks: Formerly known as Kondhana, once being the most impregnable fort in western India. Sinhagad's literal translation is the "Fortress of the Lion". The fort was under the control of Mohammed Tughlak in 1340 A.D. to the British in 1918 A.D. Around 300 years ago Shivaji’s General Tanaji Malusare scaled this sheer precipice with ropes and giant lizards. He was killed in the battle. His memorial is also in the fort. It is a good place for a day long picnic and site seeing. The main attraction is climbing the fort on foot. Do not forget to have Jhunka Bhakri on the top.
Sonori or Malhargad

Torna or Prachandagad
Location: 65 Km from Pune
Remarks: It is a massive fort. In 1646, when Shivaji was 16, he launched his first military attack by capturing Torna fort, paving the way for the great empire.
Tunga or Kathingad

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