Saturday, September 12, 2009

The random events in India

Two interesting events in last couple of days. First the elections in Maharashtra. I was walking on the side of a main road to my office and suddenly there was a huge cavalcade of vehicles. Big car, small cars and a host of bikes. Someone got the ticket to fight the election. Slogan shouting and roaring vehicles kept passing for almost ten minutes. No traffic rule got observed in the way. Many vehicles came on the wrong side of the road, which forced the vehicles in the opposite direction to go further on the sideways, putting many pedestrian in danger.
Once I went to pay municipal taxes. The specific details are not important as this is same everywhere in India. The computers were down, so it was all manual. To my luck, they opened the other counter. When I reached there, I stood in the new line and was two guys away from my turn. Someone decided to close the new counter and I was back to square one. Now in another new line, when I was two guys away, the clerk decided to take a break. He left the seat to have his tambaku break. The paradox is that the office was having anti tobacco posters all round, one right above his head. Someone remarked that the fevicol should be put on the seats of babus, which will force them to sit atleast. Fortunately he came back in couple of five minutes and my turn came soon. To my dismay, he copied all the details of the tax bill on his bill book. I am sure it must be stored somewhere and could not figure out why he has to copy everything again. But than who can question them. The government offices are one where you have to beg to pay the money. Luckily I could finish on that day itself. Total time approximately one and a half hour.

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